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On her conferences Nuria talks about her professional career through her life’s philosophy based on positive thinking and force of will.

Núria Picas, story of my life

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”, T.S Eliot
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Going through her sport career, Nuria gives motivational conferences with the objective of helping the audience to fight for their dreams whatever they are.

Her words mix with her innate optimism and make the listener realize that if we all really desire something we can achieve it.

Nuria’s book “Run to be free” is very close related to the conference “Nuria Picas story of my life”.
Published in 2015, it is a summary of all her life experiences which Nuria also shares personally with the audience in her conferences.

Home to Home

“To risk is to gently surf the waves.”
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‘A tribute to her two home gardens: Carros de foc and Cavalls de Vent’. In June 2015, Nuria Picas resolved to face an unique challenge, “ The Home to home Challenge” a race joinning two mythic tracks in Catalonia using the less time possible.

Joining the two places where she has learned to love the mountains and where she usually trains are two very personal tracks with a strong emotional power.

Dreams, friends, suffering, happy memories, new challenges… they are included in the 25 hours and 52 minutes that it took Nuria to fulfill her dream.

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